Miso Making in Halifax 2018 – Report 2

After we learn how to make Koji, next is Miso…

MINDFUL Soy Mashing

Mash the cooked soy while it’s still hot.
Feels so good on your feet.

Do not put too much soy in a bag.
Keep the bag partially open.
Do not cover the bag completely with the towel so you can see when beans are…

coming close to the edge.
Before the beans come out of the bag…

adjust the beans.
Repeat it until the soy is mashed well thoroughly.

Step from outside to inside – this way you can avoid to burst the bag.
Be aware of where you step on…
Imagine how the soy is moving under the towel…
This is the mindful meditative moment with the warmth under your feet!

Transfer the mashed beans in a mixing bowl.

Mix All Ingredients

Mix Koji and salt together.

Once the soy is cool enough (body temperature), mix with Koji mixture.

Add the saved soy liquid (the liquid from the pot you cook soy) if it is too dry to shape a ball.

Pack in a jar

Like making a hamburger patty, make a Miso ball, pat in your hand to remove the air pockets.
Pack in a jar as airtight as possible.

Make the surface slightly mounded.

Sprinkle extra salt on the surface and cover with a piece of plastic wrap.

Clean the jar, cover and label.

Do not forget…

Store in the cool, dark place (like basement), out of the sun, for 6 months to a year.
IMPORTANT – place the jar in a container to catch the overflowing liquid (Miso-Tamari).

Check the taste and transfer into the refrigerator once it reaches your preferred taste.

What if I see unpleasant things growing?

Come join our semi-annual Miso Making.
Next one will be in Digby in spring 2019, and quite likely in Halifax again.

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