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Miso Making

Miso is Japanese fermented soybeans with salt and grains.

We host a Miso making workshop twice a year, one in spring and another in fall.

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Food Items

Looking for oriental rice, noodles and condiments?
How about organic nuts?

A large bag of organic flour, beans, grains, etc for a do-it-yourselfer?

Much more - check what we carry.

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Fermented Foods and Recipes

Check our original recipe such as Digby Style Kimchi, Yin-Yang soup, Miso dip and more!

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Our Dream

What is our dream...

Children enjoy the diversity and richness of food, not limited to a hamburger, fries and ketchup.

They experience the excitement and satisfaction to make own food from scratch.

They grow and stay healthy with safe, nutritious foods that are carefully prepared.

Through the journey of eating foods, they learn how to enjoy and love life.

They teach their friends, family and own children to enjoy and love each life.

Yes, just food.
But we can't live without food.

We have chosen food as the tool to make an ordinary family's life healthier and more enjoyable.