Yin-Yang Red Soup

An easy version of borscht, the popular Eastern European soup, applying the Ying-Yang cooking method.


Salad Roll

Serve with Miso-sesame dressing.


Shirataki Stir Fry

Garlic, ginger and sesame seed oil are the secret of this authentic flavour.


Food Making

Miso Making Overview

A quick video to show the process of Miso making in a home kitchen.

Miso - Fermenting

After several months of fermentation, check how the Miso looks like.


Koji Making

Koji is fermented grain and one of key ingredients to make Miso.
It takes about 3 days to finish.
(Day 1 - 2:22,   Day 2 - 1:56,  Day 3 - 1:28)


Once you make Koji, you can make Amazake, naturally sweetened porridge-like food.




Tomato Base

An easy method if you have a lot of tomatoes to process.



Rice Ball

A traditional Japanese lunch.
Basic method to make a rice ball.



Japanese Omelette

Popular Japanese dish for breakfast and lunch.