Miso Making in Halifax 2018 – Report 1

Here is a bit of highlights of the workshop held in Nov 25, 2018 in Halifax.
This post will cover the first half, Koji making and the next one will cover the rest.


Miso = Koji + Soy + Salt

The most common ingredients of Miso are these 3:
Soy beans, salt and Koji.

Koji is fermented grain (or soy beans).
In our workshop, we start from rice (polished) Koji making.


You wash and drain rice.

After steaming the rice, get rid of the extra moisture as much as possible.

Sprinkle the spore and mix well, well, well…

Bundle up, put in the cooler and keep it warm.
Next day you should smell like this…

We use all senses in the workshop.
“What? I don’t smell it.”
“What? I smell it, the smell like mushrooms!”

Start seeing the white spots over the rice.

Gently break the chunks and stir thoroughly.
Cover it and put it back to the cooler.


Tasting… Yum!

After the hands-on Koji making come sampling and lunch.

Try various Miso – different ingredients and/or the length of aging.

This time made Yin-Yang Miso soup

Thank you Sumie @Pon Pon Kimchi for delicious Onigiri (rice balls) and Tsukemono (marinated veggies)!

After the lunch, we continue Miso making…

More detailed instruction of Koji making is here >> How to make Koji



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