More Recycling Questions in Digby Co. – Sept 2019

This spring I posted some information about the recycling program in Digby County, Nova Scotia.
I had another occasion to talk with the Waste Check staff this fall.

As I said in the previous post, the regulation differs place to place, and often it changes as time goes. You need to keep updating yourself time to time.

And sure enough, it has been changed since this spring!

1. Does styrofoam go in the Recycle Bin?

The answer is NO!

Collected styrofoam used to go to Annapolis co. but now it goes to Yarmouth. Because it is a different facility now, they can’t take styrofoam for recycling any more (at the date of Sept. 2019).

2. Bottle caps in a Ziploc bag?

After my previous post, I got a comment that they don’t collect those any more from one of the viewers.

So I checked with Waste Check.

The answer is still YES! in Digby Co.

They sort material by sizes.
If you collect bottle caps in a Ziploc bag, and put that bag in a recycle bin when it’s full, it helps their sorting.

3. Tin Foil & Pie Plate

As far as it’s clean – YES!

You can put a clean piece (new or used & washed) of:

  • tin foil
  • aluminum pie plate
  • aluminum baking cup

How clean it has to be? Read the previous post.

4. Metal parts & pieces

  • nails, screws, bolts & nuts
  • hinges
  • metal wire
  • cast iron cookware
  • cutlery

They are metal. Do they go to the recycle bin?

NO, they don’t.

If it is a large amount, you may need to bring it to the Digby Public Drop Off and Transfer Station.

5. Old plastic toys

Most likely NO.

Unless it’s a solid one piece with triangle recycling mark, toys can contain small wire, springs and/or screws.

6. Packing material?

Bubble wrap – YES!

However the styrofoam material such as peanuts and wrap is a NO.

7. Paper Plate

This is a tricky one.
First question is if it has any film – if yes, it is garbage.

How to check? You can:

  • put it in boiling water and set for a while
  • try to rip it

If it’s covered with plastic film, you will see it.
And if so, it goes to garbage.

But the one not covered with the film can be recycled.

If it’s not soiled, YES, it can go to the paper recycle.
If it’s soiled, put it in the green bin.

8. Label sheet

After you peel your all labels off, where do you put the paper?

The answer is GREEN BIN.

It is coated with wax, not plastic, so it can go to the green bin.

9. Do you know where they go?

  • Battery
  • Light bulbs
  • Yard Waste
  • Paint
  • Furniture

Check Waste Check website – quite informative.

Now I wonder…

The West Check website says parchment paper can go to a green bin.
But I was told in Calgary, AB, that it is coated with silicon which is plastic, so it can’t go to the green bin.

Hmm, which is true? I guess I need to make another phone call to West Check!

If you have any question…

Contact Waste Check.
Digby & Yarmouth – 902-742-1312 or tall free 1-800-569-0039.

And at last…
REDUCE and REUSE before recycling.

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