What is Bring-Your-Own-Jar Discount? – Kimchi Making

We are trying to reduce waste as much as possible.
Why we promote the bulk food order? Because buying bulk and cooking at home is not only more cost effective but also it can reduce a considerable amount of environmental footprint compared with take-out, ready-to-eat and portion-packed foods.

Our workshops are based on the same philosophy. We are constantly looking for a better way to your life and the mother Earth, and try to apply the idea into what we offer as much as we can.

One of the efforts is the usage of reusable containers.

We love mason jars because:

  • it is widely available (= you don’t need to drive for a long distance or order online to get it)
  • it is inexpensive
  • it is reusable
  • it is easy to clean

We are using mason jars for our 2 major workshops, Miso making and Kimchi (at the time of July 2019) .

What is Bring-Your-Own-Jar Discount?

When you register one of those workshops, you get the notice saying
“Bring your own jar and you get a discount”.
This way we can reduce our preparation and you can get less expense, it’s a win-win solution.

Which Jar to Bring?

A common question is what kind of jar to bring.
We recommend:

  • A wide mouth
  • 500ml or 1L
  • with a fitting plastic lid

If it is Kimchi, you also need a small jar (125ml) as well.

Above is the set of recommended supply for Kimchi making.
From the top:

  • 1 125ml jar (without a lid)
  • 1 1L wide mouth jar (or 500ml)
  • 1 wide mouth plastic lid (photo shows 2 common ones in Digby area)

When you pack Kimchi, you use the small jar to press it down into the juice like this:

Come Joing Our Digby Style Kimchi Making

July 21 (Sun) at Larencetown (Annapolis Co.).
More info

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