Who are your products for?

Our products will meet the need of someone who:

  • cooks and bakes a lot
  • is interested in different products
  • is looking for organic options
  • eats nuts & seeds regularly
  • is a Just Us! products lover
  • wants Speerville Flour Mill¬†products in large sizes
  • is interested in Japanese/oriental food
  • wants to support local businesses and producers

Are your products all Organic?

No. Most of our products are organic but not all.

When we say 'organic', it means it is certified organic.
You will see 'NON-ORG' with the product name if the item is not certified organic (except sea salt).

What is 'Certified Organic'?

It indicates the product has certified by a certification body such as USDA and CSI.
It doesn't guarantee but increases the chance that the food is produced in a more environmentally concerned manner and less contaminated with harmful substances.