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Game Over

January 31, 2016

  A few days ago a traumatic incident happened in my son’s life. He lost everything. Well, he did in the video game called Minecraft he was playing.   The player crates many things ‘mining’ the material in the virtual world. As you progress your level goes up. You build many things such as a house and garden, grow…Read more >

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Rejection Is Painful

January 24, 2016

  Rejection – I don’t think most people enjoy it. It is not a great feeling to be turned down or ignored when you speak up. The experiment described in this article  shows how a small rejection can upset you and even leave a great scar onto your mentality.     It is true that most of us,…Read more >

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Miso Making – Fermentation is Going On!

January 12, 2016

  Today I took a video of my things growing in the kitchen…         Miso making is time consuming but enjoyable activity. And exciting! It is common to see some moldy substance growing during food fermentation process. Miso and soy sauce is generally very high in salt so that unlikely it gets…Read more >

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Creative Way to See The World

January 6, 2016

  When I came downstairs to have a cup of coffee this morning, I found this on the kitchen table.         Yes, a water bottle. Nothing special. Just an ordinary, commercial bottled water you can buy at a grocery store. What was new was how it was placed. Kids… I don’t know…Read more >

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