Miso Making – Fermentation is Going On!


Today I took a video of my things growing in the kitchen…





Miso making is time consuming but enjoyable activity. And exciting!

It is common to see some moldy substance growing during food fermentation process.

Miso and soy sauce is generally very high in salt so that unlikely it gets spoiled despite a bit of greenish, blackish and/or whitish things growing on the surface.

However it happens just like my black bean miso. It smells funny, too. But this is the only failure so far among my more than a dozen of batches of Miso over last 3 years. The key is to mush the beans well and mix thoroughly with salt, pack well and keep it as air-tight as possible.



These batches of miso and soy sauce is made with organic soy beans, organic quinoa, sea salt, rice and Koji culture. We make it from scratch, starting from Koji making.

Except my Canadian husband, who is stuck on his P&J toast and a glass of milk, my children and I have a bowl of Miso soup in the morning quite often. I am very pleased that the kids turned out loving traditional Japanese breakfast.

Besides, we have Miso soup for dinner a few times a week. Our family of four consumes approximately 4 to 5kg per year. It is said a Japanese consumes around 1.8 kg of Miso per year on average. I guess we are eating Miso as much as people in Japan. Not bad!



Those who made Miso last May, yours should be ready to eat although you can age it longer.

We should get together and celebrate the first batch of your own Miso sometime soon!



The next miso making workshop is coming sometime this spring.

Stay tuned!



Oh, and soy sauce?

Let me finish my first batch to see how it turns out.

It seems (and tastes) pretty good so far. Just requires more patience…