Creative Way to See The World


When I came downstairs to have a cup of coffee this morning,

I found this on the kitchen table.



creative way to see the world pic 1



Yes, a water bottle. Nothing special.

Just an ordinary, commercial bottled water you can buy at a grocery store.

What was new was how it was placed.

Kids… I don’t know which one.



They frequently surprise me by their creative work. This is one of them. Wow.

I would have never thought of this way to make my mother stunned.



I am always amazed at a child’s free mind.

Well, not only a little child but also a big child has a creative mind.

How true it is that just a tiny bit of change makes things totally different.

Even though you don’t really have any time, money or materials,

your can do a lot.



Stay foolish – I think that’s what Steve Jobs said (and probably many others).

Foolishness is one format of creativity.

Think flexibly. Have a playful mind. Yes, we can be creative anytime.



Speaking of foolishness,

I started a YouTube channel!

I’ll keep updating things that make you both smile and think.