A Successful Person


A successful person doesn’t have a perfect life. He has all sorts of difficulties and challenges consistently just like anyone else. The crucial difference between a successful person, or happy person, and everyone else is how to see it.


A successful person sees a problem, and then she thinks how to solve it.

A non successful person sees the same thing and starts to worry around it.


A successful person assesses what is the fact and what is not.

A non successful person doesn’t understand the difference between a fact and imagination.


A successful person makes the most out of it, no matter what it is. A challenge is also the occasion to achieve something new to him.

A non successful person tries to fix it to the original condition.


A successful person can find something positive in ANY situation. I mean literally any situation.

When you see a positive side of a matter, you feel gratitude for the experience. The gratitude affects on your attitude and energy level. It improves your performance. As the result, you naturally succeed.

Imagine you always find a positive side of the situation you face to. There will be no worry any more because everything has something good for you.


But in the reality, we can’t see the positive side all the time. Suppose you have no money to buy food. Hey, good for you, you don’t need to worry about any overeating! Well, that’s true, but it is not entirely great to be hungry. Even though you convince yourself that there is always a positive side, emotionally you won’t buy that idea at all.

Then you won’t be able to have the gratitude, the key to be successful. This doesn’t work, does it?


The secret is that the positive side is not only one. Staying slim is not really the only positive (?) side of starvation.

You don’t have money to buy food. Your true achievement is the real understanding of poverty and hunger. You may not think it is anything positive, but your own experience becomes so valuable later.

Your suffering may give you the passion to change your life. Pain is the great friend of motivation. You may work much harder than those who are not suffering and attain a good job with good pay.

You may eventually try to help others who are suffering from the poverty. You understand how hard their life is. You can talk with real compassion. That kind of message moves others, and you make things happen.

One way or another you may appreciate the tough time in the past that pushed you to the present.


No matter what it is, there is always a positive side.

The only difference between a successful person and everyone else is to see it or not.