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Learn from an Example

January 27, 2015

  I use Microsoft Excel. When I don’t know which formula to use, I go to the online help. It gives me the explanation with examples. To learn how to grow mushrooms, I go to YouTube and see video clips. I can see various ways to do it. Models and examples are great help to…Read more >

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Business From Now On #2

January 22, 2015

  Web marketing is very popular these days. Its tools make it possible to target your most potential customers efficiently. I bet you have typed your e-mail address in a box on a website to reach farther information and/or free material at least once or twice. Then here you go, you started getting all sorts…Read more >

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Business From Now On

January 17, 2015

  I was born in Japan when the country’s economy was shifting from a period of high growth to the one of stable growth. From my childhood till early 20’s, it was a common belief that as far as you work hard, you could have a good life without layoff, bankruptcy, and so on. In…Read more >

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Charge for Healthy Business

January 10, 2015

  When people get known each other, naturally they ask what the other is doing. For a business owner, it can be a great opportunity to advertise his or her business. But when the conversation starts in a private social gathering, things can be a bit more awkward.   Some people who think they can…Read more >

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Master Cat

January 5, 2015

  When I was a child, stray dogs and cats were everywhere in Japan. They regularly found food and shelter in the neighbourhood. Many people were easy with them. Some, especially children, often grew affection for them through occasional feeding and petting. It was the time half-wild animals and humans were living together without too…Read more >

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