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Food Production VS Workshop

November 30, 2014

  When people learn I am offering food making workshop, often they say I should make my own products and sell them. Usually they say so because they like what I make, which means there is a potential market. If you have necessary knowledge, skills and equipment, and people’s interest is growing, you have the…Read more >

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How Much From Scratch?

November 24, 2014

  Each family has staples. Often things naturally become staples to a family because of the availability, affordability, convenience and popularity. Typical examples are bread, breakfast cereals and peanut butter. They are affordable, convenient, ‘healthy’ (compared with, say, French fries or candy bars) and well accepted by the family members. Some of those who want…Read more >

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Drawn By the Scenery

November 20, 2014

  I got some books from Japan to satisfy my craving for reading. In a novel, a description about the special memory for an individual comes. You have unforgettable scenery when you search through the memories of your life. It is personal and somehow very special and impressive, stirring the emotions within you.   I…Read more >

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Make Use of What’s Already There

November 13, 2014

  I have been studying a farming method a Japanese man practicing mainly in Brazil and Japan. There is not much of English information but I found this:   Mr. Yukimi Hayashi is explaining his practice elaborately on his website but it is Japanese ( I am still learning but as far as I…Read more >

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Power Struggle and Guilty Conscious 3

November 12, 2014

  This is following the previous posts about well behaving but manipulating children.   It is so true that a child destructs the caregiver consistently. It slows her down and takes a lot of energy away from her in one way or another. The parenting textbook says you have to be kind but firm to…Read more >

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