Sushi Making Workshop 2015


A girl with the passion for Japanese food made this Sushi workshop.

As I mentioned in my former blog, I believe in the chance to meet the right one in the right timing. She was the one who made the commitment for this workshop first. And she was the one who gave me the great inspiration.


After I got the confirmation of her participation with her mother, I learned she is sensitive with cane sugar.

Sugar, our enemy!

Coincidently I had had a conversation with Dr. Moon just a while before. She was asking if I could make Sushi without sugar. My answer was no, not yet.

Let me tell you. Japanese traditional Sushi rice is seasoned with sugar, salt and vinegar.  Any commercial Sushi vinegar you can pick up at a store contains sugar (or some sweetener). Although in some areas in Japan less or no sugar is used, generally sugar is one of the main ingredients of Sushi.

I had been thinking how to eliminate sugar from Sushi for quite a while. However, I have to say that I was too occupied with this ‘Japanese tradition’ idea. I wasn’t thinking hard enough to go beyond the box.

This time, the information that the VIP guest was sensitive with cane sugar pushed me to go for farther research.

Beauty of today’s technology, internet! I finally found a great idea that suits perfectly us in Nova Scotia. Apple cider for seasoning. The organic, non pasteurised local apple cider is available here. I tested right away and it turned out very well (check this recipe).


Thanks to the wonderful people, the workshop was a lot of fun!

Look at their creative work.


2015 sushi workshop 02

2015 sushi workshop 03


Lots of smiles.

Many, many thanks for all who contributed, including our local suppliers Wild Rose Farm and Inglis Orchardview Farm.