Ready to Make An Order?


Step 1. Is the sale going?

Check ‘News‘ if you are not sure the sale is currently going on.
(If it’s already oversign up anyway so you will be informed in a timely manner next time)


Step2. Check the latest product list

Check the latest product list.
You can check online or download the PDF files.


Step3. Organize your order

Let us know the item’s

  • Product #
  • Product Name
  • Quantity you’d like

There are a few way to organize and submit your order.

1) Use PDF order form

If you know how to enter directly, edit the PDF form digitally and e-mail us.

If you don’t know,
(1) Print out the Order Form.
(2) Fill it up and either

  • scan
  • take a photo

and e-mail it to us.

2) Directly e-mail the list

Type the order directly on the e-mail message and send it to us.


Step4. Wait and see what happens… but not too long!

If nothing happens… Please contact us!
Generally we get back to you within 3 business days. If you don’t hear from us for┬ámore than 3 days after your order submission, please contact us again.