OF Club – Great News for JustUs! Coffee Lovers


What is OF Club?


This is a membership program Ordinary Family Food & Life Ltd. offers to its valuable customers.

At the date of November 24, 2015, we will start this program with Just Us! Coffee products. As things progress, we would like to add more items in the future.


In our regular sale, you make an order as usual. An OF club member gets extra discount on any of Just Us! products on our list, which is 20% or more extra saving compared with our regular price.



Why do you offer such a low price?


This is our trial to establish a new, customer-driven, local-supportive sustainable business model. In exchange with a great deal, you, the enthusiastic open-minded customer, sign up for the membership. Although there is no obligation to purchase anything just because you sign up, this action encourages you to be more interested in local businesses like us. This is the whole point. We want you to know us, your local suppliers and service providers more.

This practically non-profit offer is the investment for our future. We offer the low price to you, and you, an active customer and community member, give us the feedback. In other words, you are getting the incredible deal as the return to your valuable feedback.


How does it work?


There is nothing new other than signing up for the membership. Once you sign up, the discount will be applied automatically for your following orders.

Occasionally you will receive the latest information for a good shopping opportunity, local activities, healthy tips and other valuable news.

You can unsubscribe your membership anytime in case you are not happy with the service.



How to start?


Go to Membership Sign-Up (or simply e-mail us)

Make an order as usual whenever we have a sale.

Enjoy your extra discount!




Please feel free to contact us at info@ordinaryfamilyfoodlife.ca  if you have any question.


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