Strength – Life in Nova Scotia

It has been a rough winter and spring for many people in Maritime and Eastern Canada. I would like to express my sympathy to those who were affected by those storms and floods. The life in Nova Scotia is greatly affected by the nature. It is beautiful but sometimes hard on you.


A good friend of mine, who is also my gardening mentor, lost her brand new greenhouse in her farm this spring. I heard the news over the phone at April Fool’s Day, approximately a week after the disaster. First I thought she was tricking me. Then I realized it was not a joke.

It was a huge investment for a small scale farm. They put a lot of thoughts and efforts as well as money to materialize it. It was the hope for their future. It lasted only for 5 months. I didn’t know what to say.


She and her family have been cleaning the site and searching the options to recover from the damage. She doesn’t weep about the bad luck. She finds the strength to go to the field every day. She prepares the bed and seeds one row after another.