Seal Sighting

Digby is well known with it’s scallops.

And lobsters.

And whales.


But also you can meet seals!


I had a chance to go for a walk with a wonderful guide Melissa Merritt the other day.

She is a lifetime local resident and used to walk with her farther all over the area. She says her father told her a lot of stories about each spot. It was such a pleasure to be shared her memories with her father and rich culture.


She took me to a place called Seal Point or ‘Reaf’. As soon as we got there, we could spot quite a few seals there!

I learned that seals are very curious. Sure enough, they were watching us while we were watching them.


Melissa does practice Yoga and offers outdoor Yoga and meditation in conjunction with the little walk in Digby Neck area. A very relaxing, inspiring and refreshing activity you can have with her guidance.


Nothing is more real than the story of those who live there. This time I missed her farther who sometimes visits the hat by the wharf and shares his stories with visitors (Melissa says he LOVES to talk!).



Come visit Digby Neck and meet the seals (or enjoy outdoor Yoga or walking meditation…). A great addition if you come for whale watching or camping to this area, especially if you are looking for more intimate, quiet and personal experience.

Melissa takes a small group of people for a wander in Digby Neck and surrounding areas.



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