Peace Making With A Red Bowl

(A message from Masayo)



“Go! Go! Keep going!

Don’t be afraid, go, keep going. You’ll please everyone.

Do not forget the gratitude…”


“No need to carry everything on your shoulder.

Ask for help holding your arms wide open.

You are allowed to do what you want to do.

Be courageous to step forward…”


This is a part of the message came during the ‘Sharing circle with Miki*”.

(*Miki is the sacred drink traditionally made in southern Japan)


When we share our inner voices in the Sharing circle with Miki,

the visible world and invisible, past-present-future,

the alive ones and the dead, gods and us human beings,

and all sorts of things come together and create a unique space.


When people stand by Miki,

they hear a surprising inner voice

which they have never thought of.


Here are some of the participants’ feedback.


“After I said my name, the time disappeared!

Me in the past and present got integrated!”


“When I was turning Miki around and around,

I felt warm and content.

There’s something coming out of me, which made me cry”


“Even though it didn’t form any words or phrases,

I got ‘the answer’ within me”


“I felt something very unusual when I was turning Miki”


“Although I was thinking what to talk about prior to my turn,

the words naturally coming out of my mouth was different from my thought.”


“I was feeling empty while I was looking for IT recklessly.

Now I’ve found the path to seek it nowhere else but within me.”


“I could see myself in every single person’s words.”


“Everyone was connected.”



Someone else’s story is your story.

You see as many truths as the number of people in the circle.



An old song about the gods in Amami and Okinawa island says:


Once upon a time,

After a long fight between Yamato and Amami,

Yamato people came to Amami.


They poured Miki in a red lacquered bowl,

and drunk together.


They shared the intelligence of Yamato

and the spirituality of Amami,

which brought the end to the fight.



Share the bowl, share what you have.

To remind the spirit of peace making with a red bowl,

we continue the sharing circle with Miki.


We keep going on.