Survey Result – Foods for Better Eating

We did a small online survey to see how consumers are feeling about healthy eating in Digby and area.
Here is the result and a bit of study.

General figure

Survey period: January 8~31, 2018 (3 weeks)
Number of response: 13 (1 male, 12 female)
Area: mostly Digby and area + part of the valley (up to Middleton)

Almost half of them are in 50's, and the rest is between 30's and 70's.
Most of them are couples.


What is the frustration?

Family Members Not With Me
  • Family member like more junky, fat-and-flavour rich food
  • Husband brings unwanted food into the house
No Time
  • Sometimes it is too much to prepare food from scratch
  • No time for preparation
Hard to Find
  • Not convenient to get local produces especially winter time
  • Hard to find organic fruit
  • Hard to find fresh vegetables in off season
  • Hard to find wanted quality
  • Hard to find complimentary protein sources
  • Want good recipes
  • It costs a lot
  • Hard to find high quality affordable foods
Cook for One
  • Not easy to prepare a good meal for one consistently

What will help?

  • Vegetable stand and/or market
  • More, and a wider variety of, fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Fast and affordable options
  • More affordable quality foods
  • Better understanding about the diet and foods that work for me
  • Knowledge of the better/best preparation
Motivation & Support
  • If the entire community becomes more health conscious, that will be a great help
  • Not engaging in emotional eating
  • Find motivation to cook
  • Inspiration
  • Planning
  • More time

Flavour & Health Value

Herbs & Spices

Will you buy if organic?
We asked about 6 common herbs & spices:

  • Italian seasonings
  • Stevia (green)
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Cinnamon (true)
  • Curry powder
  • Ginger root powder

Surveyor's Comments:

  • Stevia - seemingly it's one of the Yes-or-No items, no in between
  • Everyone loves curry!
  • Wasn't expected so many people willing to get a large amount of ginger root powder

Functional & Super food

Will you buy if available?
We asked about 5 common 'super foods':

  • Cocoa powder
  • Dark chocolate (bar, domes or chips)
  • Matcha powder (green tea leaf powder)
  • Mung beans
  • Psyllium husks (high in dietary fiber)

Surveyor's Comments:

  • Cocoa and dark chocolate - a special treat for health conscious people!
  • 'Super food' may be one of the things you'll never know until you try, though there are so many, hard to try everything...

Anything specific you are looking for?

  • Jackfruit frozen or in water
  • Organic legumes
  • Fresh or dried or frozen fruit
  • Thai curry paste
  • Turmeric
  • Nutritional yeast, flours, seeds

From Ordinary Family:

We carry some of organic legumes, dried fruits, flours and seeds.
Please check our product list if you are interested or contact us any time.

We are looking at the possibility to carry more spices such as organic curry powder and turmeric.
If you are looking for anything specific, please let us know.
We will do our best to bring more wanted items into our area!

What do you think about the result?
Your comment is welcome!

Please let others know if you know someone who carries the wanted items, too.

Hope we can share the ideas and thoughts that inspire others who will be benefitted by healthy eating.

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