What is Your Soul Pattern? 9-Soul-Pattern to Find Your Life Compass

Fortune is Not Coincidental – It’s Rational


Life Is a Mystery

Have you ever wondered why such a thing happened to you?
Have you ever wished you could know where your life goes?

Life is a mystery. Life is a journey.

But if you know what is the “right” path for you, the journey could be way more hopeful and enjoyable.

But what is the “right” path?


The Japanese, as well as others like Mi’kmaq, has been always seeking the answer in the nature.

From an eagle egg, an eagle comes out.
From an oak acorn, an oak tree grows.
Each seed contains its nature within.

The oak tree grows up, providing the shelter and food for animals. It provides the nutrients to the soil. From the enriched soil, under the protection it provides, many other lives emerge and grow.

We are all connected, influencing each other.

Right Environment

In this delicately interconnected world, a unique element has the unique spot to fit in.

If it is in the right place, it thrives, benefitting the things around. But if it’s in a wrong place, like an ugly duckling’s story, its true value may not be discovered and appreciated. It has fewer opportunities to utilize its natural strengths. It may not reach the full potential.

Human is not an exception.


You have the nature within you.
If you are in the right environment, you can develop your ability in a healthy manner.
You and others are all connected.

What is Your Nature?

That’s why it is very important to know who you are. If you are an oak, you want to be in the woods, not on a beach.

You can provide a lot to the world through your life if you grow healthy and live fully.

You are born as Who you are

The 9-Soul-Pattern master says you are born with a mission.
And you are born with the right conditions, physically, mentally and spiritually, to work on the mission.

If you are aligned with this mission, naturally you experience the effective series of incidents one after another, feeling ‘just right’. When it happens, often it’s called fortune.

The master says fortune is not coincidental but rational.

As you see in the nature, the seed gets the better results under the right conditions. It’s just how it is. And what is the right condition depends on what the seed is.

So, if you are in the right conditions that suits who you really are, naturally you succeed more.

9 Soul Patterns


The master says a human soul belongs to one of these 9 types:

  1. Creator – Steve Jobs and Walt Disney belong to this type
  2. Manager – Coco Chanel, Brack Obama
  3. Performing Artist – Anne Frank, Ellen Page
  4. Producer – Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey
  5. Specialist – Steven Spielberg, Mark Zuckerberg
  6. Coordinator – Donald Sutherland, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
  7. Professional – Louis Pasteur, Johnny Depp
  8. Inspiring Coach – Edgar Cayce, Pablo Picasso
  9. Model – Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa


Once you learn what your type is, you start seeing your life direction better. Aligned with the direction, you look at the pieces of your life in a different perspective.


learn your Soul Pattern

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