Nature Essence Making with Masayo from Japan

nature essence 01

In ancient times, the current southern end of Japanese mainland was connected to Taiwan as a large continent called ‘Amami’.


In Amami the visible and invisible worlds were close together.


People talked with plants and rocks.


They practiced the wisdom they learned from the nature to heal their body and soul in their daily life.


The two women who has the ancient memories, Yoshiko Koyama and Masayo Tamachi, worked with plants in Amami island (the current island in south Japan) and invented this essence to bring the ancient wisdom back to the present day.



While Masayo is visiting southwest Nova Scotia, we are trying to host the workshops as many as possible.


Come explore the connection between you and the nature through nature essence making.


Please check the latest event information.


May 6th (Sat), 2017   Nature Essence Making + Sound Healing in Deep Brook

May 7th (Sun), 2017   Nature Essence Making in Carleton