Miso Workshop in Spring 2016

Our annual event Miso Making workshop in spring finished last Saturday.

Thank you for the participants!


apr 2016 miso 1

Taste several different type of Miso.

The ingredients, the ratio of ingredients, the salt content, the length of maturity, etc affect on the taste of Miso.

Just like wine or any other foods, you taste and find your favorite.


apr 2016 miso 2

Workout! Mushing this amount of soy beans is a serious job.

Great to have some young people!


apr 2016 miso 3

It is fun and messy job to pack Miso.

Great to do in someone else’s kitchen 🙂


The next Miso making workshop will be in fall, 2016.

Make your own Miso once or twice a year so that you can always have homemade Miso handy!