Miso – Should I Not Cook?

I got a really good question from a person.

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Hello Yuki

I eat a lot of Miso and am wondering about the best way to prepare it to avoid destroying the helpful bacteria.

I usually add it to soups just after I turn the heat off the pot, is this too soon and hot?



What a good question!

This is what I know at this point:


  1. Miso is a good source of prebiotics and probiotics
  2. When you heat Miso over 50~60C (120~140F), most probiotics (living good bacteria) die although there are some tough exceptions = Putting Miso right after turning the heat off kills most probiotics
  3. However the dead probiotics still work as prebiotics which feed the good bacteria in your tummy
  4. Traditionally Japanese add Miso in the very end of cooking (soup, hot pot, stir fry, etc). We commonly say ‘not to lose the flavor’ but probably they have known that’s the best way to get the health benefit out of Miso with hot food as well.


Besides, we want to enjoy hot food hot, don’t we?

I make my Miso soup just like you do – cook the veggies, Tofu, etc in the broth first, turn the heat off, add green onions and Miso at last. Some probiotics must be killed in this way but I prefer hot soup rather than lukewarm.


If you focus on the benefit of probiotics of Miso, my favorite way is to eat it on a piece of toast with coconut oil. It’s so simple, quick and delicious.

Using for dipping sauce and salad dressing is a good way to eat Miso without heating, too.



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