Miso Making and Japanese “Wa” Spirit

Our Miso making workshops are coming soon.

This year, we are an official event for Japan-Canada Diplomatic Relationship 90th Anniversary.

Sounds special, doesn’t it?


So, to make it really special, we are going to explore the culture a bit more.

“Wa” – Harmony

This is going to be the theme of our workshop this spring.


When we make miso from scratch, there is a lot of interaction between you and the outer world.

You witness the amazing activities of microorganisms.


You experience the coordination of your body and mind.


You watch the miso maturing over time.


You can read more about “Wa” on Wikipedia, but let’s put it this way.

It is the “Win-Win” relationship. It’s synergetic.

The all unique individuals are mutually happy and productive together.


When you make miso together, you will encounter many, various experiences of “Wa” moment between you and others.

How many will you notice?

What will you feel?


Miso making is a very peaceful, fun and exciting play.

And believe me, the miso you make by yourself is so delicious!



Come join our semi-annual Miso making workshops

Digby – April 14th (Sat) – more info

Lawrencetown – April 28th (Sat) – FULL – sorry!

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