Miki Making – Masayo Tamachi

Masayo Tamachi, a unique vital food chef and spiritual guide, is coming to Digby this spring for about 3 weeks.


She has been actively involved in many inspiring events all over Japan. Last year, beyond the sea, she went to Italy to participated the 11th edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, the established international slow food event.


masayo 02


This year she is coming to Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada! We are the 2nd foreign host for her workshops!!!


Miki, a sacred fermented drink, is the food she made in Italy.

It is the origin of Japanese libation (Sake offered to gods). This gentle fermented food/drink improves your intestinal environment and enhances your health, which encourages you to awaken more spiritually.

Making Miki together, the participants experience the opportunity to let unnecessary things go, reconnect to something important to you and recover the power to listen to your inner voice.


In Italy, with the prayer for the integration of the all cultures in the world, she used 5 kinds of ancient rice over the world.


miki 01


In Digby, we are using the ingredients available here and make our own, unique Miki for sharing.

Contact us if you would like to keep being posted about our events in 2017.