Live Bright


I participated Dr. Jenni Moon’s workshop last weekend. Dr. Moon is well versed in homeopathy and the relationship between food and health. Not only she is knowledgeable but also very inspiring and community oriented. What I really like about her is her deep understanding and belief into the synergy of our world.


This time we learned about sugar. The substance we don’t really need to stay alive but highly addictive and very difficult to stay away from for most of us. As she knows so much and explains so well, if you listen to her, you may decide to go on the sugar-free diet right away.


Let’s make it clear – my point is not to encourage or discourage you to go on a strict diet.

Yes, Dr. Moon will be a great source if you are serious about dietary cure for your health condition. On the other hand, if you are not a food-is-medicine believer, her practice may be overwhelming to you. Nevertheless, even though you are not convinced with the extreme diet, her message is really beneficial to you.


Live bright. She often says it. Even if you practice a serious dietary modification, your health condition may not be improved so dramatically. But, through the all practice including learning about what we are eating and how to prepare it, you learn how to live bright. Although you still have the symptoms, you learn how to see the sunny side of the life.


I really enjoy her attitude and admire the restless effort to create the supportive community to make more people live bright with many challenges.

She has lots of ‘fans’ who come to her workshop and other events regularly. Many of them practice a serious healthy diet and you may feel you are not fitting there. But don’t be afraid. What and how you eat is individual’s choice. Everyone is different and you choose what you feel right. There’s no need to judge right or wrong. Rather than that, feel the warm energy created there by Dr. Moon’s lead.

When people get together and share the interest, the positive energy happens. It becomes a great support for many who are trying to deal with some challenge. You may or may not agree with what’s discussed there, but you can learn other people are trying to deal with something important to their life. Meeting such people will give you the encouragement. You see the hope to keep going with your own challenge.


Even though we have challenges, there is a way to live bright. I always see Dr. Moon telling people to enjoy each moment rather than fight with it.