The Law of Life

There is a certain thing you can’t change about life – life never stops changing. There is no end of challenges as far as you are alive.

This means it is totally pointless to seek the perfect end of difficulties while you are alive. For example, health is not a stable statement. Your life environment, health condition and the sense of value consistently keep changing. The only thing you can do is not to preserve but keep maintaining your health within a certain range.

In other words, life is just a never ending path, not a mountain climbing to reach ‘the top’. We go through many peaks but there’s no ‘top’ we can reach and stay forever. The spot you feel you finally reached is only a place for a break. There is always, surely always, another challenge after the last one. But is the endless challenge such a tragedy?

The tragedy is not the never ending challenge itself. It is just a fact. The true tragedy is our mind that gets stressed by the thought of never ending suffering. This is not a new idea. Many people from Buddha to a psychologist to a life coach have been making this point.


Life is interesting because it is never fixed. We feel fulfilled when we learn something and expand our perspective. We feel right when we grow. The feeling of achievement is actually quite addictive.

The drive of our life is to keep growing, not to reach a fixed statement. Until you die, you keep growing.

It’s much easier to go with the flow than fight with it. It wants to grow, so let it grow.


This blog goes with this law of life – life is never ending change. We talk about how to enjoy the consistently challenging life instead of how to get rid of it.