Make Healthy Eating Realistic in Digby! #2

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Environment is a huge thing.
If you are in a supportive environment, you have a much better chance to achieve what you want.

Living in Digby, we already have some disadvantages when it comes to a healthy eating.

  • Climate – Canada is cold after all. We can’t get the abundance of vegetables and fruits all year round.
  • Location – Digby is not central, which means more limited supply and higher transportation cost.
  • Population – Not like a city, we have limited supply, services and resources.

You may also have the challenges such as:

  • Disagreement of your family and friends with your choice of diet/lifestyle, vocally or quietly
  • Workload that leaves no time for food preparation
  • Difficulty to cook for one

But it’s Yin-Yang. There’s always a good side and bad side.

You feel you are limited?
Congratulation! Limitation makes you more creative.

What to do?

Be creative.

We all have some limitation in some format.
Instead of crying for what you don’t have, think what you can do with what you have.

Creative Mind 101

How to be creative – here is one way to start.

  • When you feel you are limited, ask – “Is limitation really a bad thing?
    FYI  “Is this really a bad thing?” is a very useful question when something ‘undesired’ happens to you.
  • Limited => simple
    Our life in Digby may be meant to be simpler.
  • Simple is not boring
    Simple life is deep and rich although it doesn’t look so big and colourful on the surface.
  • Talk with people
    Although it’s the time of internet, you still can’t find the all information you need online.
    Go out and have a small talk with someone here and there.
  • Ask suppliers
    A good supplier always wants to know what customers want. Ask them if they can carry what you are looking for.
  • Is there any replacement?
    Why do you need it?
    Typically the reason why you want a specific item is for:
    – specific taste/flavor
    – better presentation (color, shape)
    – specific function (binding, tenderizing, preservation, enhancing fermentation, etc)
    – nutritional value
    According to the result you want, look for an alternative.
  • Is it really necessary?
    Will omitting the item cause a serious failure?
    If not… just drop it.
Motivation and Support
  • Don’t forget the sense of humor
    Humor always helps you keep going.
    It’s like butter or soy sauce that transfer the food blank to flavourful.
    Appreciate and connect with those who make you laugh.
  • Have a supportive system
    A good habit is a system to maintain your motivation.
    Connect and interact with an active person who has the similar value system as yours.
    Join a regular group gathering that refreshes and inspires you.
  • Move your body
    I believe regular physical exercise is a must.
    I don’t mean a serious ones such as jogging or gym training but start with something gentle like a few stretches, deep breaths and a few minutes walk around your property.
    Breath, stretch and feel as much as possible.
    The exercise changes the chemical balance in your brain and make you feel more positive and active.
  • In and Out
    We need both Yin and Yang, movement and silence, the external and internal exploration.
    If you tend to go external (e.g. SNS, meeting people, joining a seminar, etc), intentionally set the internal time (meditation, reading, writing a journal, painting/singing, etc). If you tend to be internal, do the opposite.


When you develop your supportive system and network with liked-minded people, likely you start getting more information you need.

After all, you want to be healthy because you want to enjoy your life, don’t you?

Nourish your mind and spirituality to enjoy the day to day life, and move your body physically. Sing, dance, dig in the garden.
It will greatly help you eat well and stay healthy.

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