Health Food Junkies

Some people may have heard of it. It’s the title of a book written by Dr. Steven Bratman in late 1990’s.

I happened to get this book at the public library book fair. Good deal!

The author is an alternative medicine practitioner who openly admits the effect of food on our health in his book.
But he is not worshipping it.
While he consistently supports various food-related approaches to improve and/or maintain the health, he claims the ‘dark side’ of the healthy eating.

Putting up such a big website and selling the healthy cooking workshops and food products, here I am talking about the health food junkies and Orthorexia nervosa, a type of eating disorder.

I believe and support the power of healthy eating, yet I also want to emphasize the importance of full life over the ‘healthiest’ food/diet.

Frankly speaking, I am saying don’t go crazy about health food.


Are we contradicting ourselves?
Health food is good we say, so what are we whining about?

If you have time and interest, go to and read the various reviews of his book.
It shows 2 significant types of people.
One values the balance of live, and the other confronts anything that criticizes healthy eating.

The book is already almost 15 years old but the basic concept has never been out of date because it is talking about obsession.
We get obsessed with something, anything very easily.
If it is alcohol or gamble, people easily get alarmed.
But when it is health food, things are a bit different.

As we believe ‘healthy life is good’, healthy food is of course good for us.
But, to begin with, what is really a healthy life?
If food controls you rather than you control food, whether it is junk or health food, overeating or restricting, the bottom line is the same.
Your life is controlled by food and eating.


I still believe good eating habit greatly contributes our life.
Otherwise why I am doing this business?

Just don’t let food control you.
You should be the boss to enjoy your life including food!