Amazake (from rice Koji)

Makes approximately 1.2L (5 cups) of Amazake



  • rice cooker
  • wooden spoon
  • oven thermometer
  • tea towel


  1. Break koji into pieces if there is any chunk
  2. Mix koji and water in the pot of the rice cooker
  3. Set the pot in the cooker and cover with tea towel. Leave the lid open. Set it ‘warm’.
  4. Maintain the koji mix temperature around 115~140°F/50~60°C for 6~8hrs. Stir occasionally.
    Some cooker tends to rise the temperature higher than 140°F/60°C with ‘warm’ setting.
    Check the temperature frequently to avoid ‘cooking’ Amazake, turning the switch on and off if necessarily.



Sterilize the utensils and work space thoroughly. Do not consume it if anything is suspicious.


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