Conversation with Masayo – Show It’s Real


Masayo is coming to Digby in May, 2017.

I am quite excited at having her here.


My brain is not working fast enough to catch up with my feelings.

I started organizing the events to introduce her to people here just because I felt that’s what I should do. Why – I am now slowly understanding.

And putting it in English even takes more time… I wish I could work faster!


Anyway, here I’d like to share a recent conversation between her and me. I hope you can have a taste of my excitement.




Me:  I’ve been thinking a few sharing circles, probably 2 hours at a time. What do you think?


Masayo:  Sounds good, though I won’t be able to speak English very well…


Me:  Well, I will support as much as possible, but my feeling is that you and the audience will feel each other so that the language won’t be a huge barrier.


Masayo:  I’ll try to brush up my English as much as I can by the time I leave!



(a few days later)


Me:  I’m working on an event as a collaboration with a local musician. We’ve been thinking to make the theme like ‘reconnecting with nature’, but today I thought maybe we can tie it to women’s self growth and freeing themselves as well. Have you ever had a workshop with some women-related theme?


Masayo:  I’ve done several workshops for women’s self awareness to lead the reduction and prevention of violence including sexual abuse. It was a series of workshops collaborating with a psychiatrist. It turned out unexpectedly simple and powerful to all.


Me:  Wow! That sounds good!


Masayo:  But I can’t speak English so… my concern is the translation between two languages. If somehow we can solve the communication issue, I’d love to do something like a meditative sharing circle. I believe women’s awareness of their power, the feminine energy, is getting more crucial to our world than ever.


Me:  I see.


Masayo:  The messages spirits tell us are full of love. It’s way beyond what we think with our tiny brains. I’ve been writing about those things on my blogs and SNS so take a look.


Me:  Yes.


Masayo:  I’ll be tied up with an event I’m doing now for a few days. Once it’s done, I’ll go into nature, meditate a lot and condition my body and soul for the trip. After all, I think it’s much more important to do it than studying English at this point.


Me:  Right! What I’ve been feeling is that many people know about the women’s issue in their heads. Many of us know women have power to make a change, though they can’t be confident enough to believe in it and take an action. I feel your visit is valuable because it’s real. You come from far away and give us the message, not necessarily in English but with your entire action and presence. That is the powerful message itself. I’m envisioning this that way.


Masayo:  Thank you!


Me:  Thank YOU! I’ll keep working to address each piece fits together. We’ll see. I’ll update you in the near future.


(Our journey continues…)