9-Soul-Pattern Principle Fundamental: Energy 3

In the previous post, we talked about how to increase your energy.

You choose right place, people and action. But now the question is what is really right for you.

What is Right?

It is relative. And often the choices are equally important. The career or family. Security or challenge. Your feelings or someone else’s.

There is no absolute right thing for everyone in all situations. What is right depends on your stage at that time, and also it is influenced by your nature.

Your Stage

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory proposed by An American Psychologist Abraham Maslow.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

It indicates that the human’s needs are to be met from the lowest level to highest. We seek the most basic needs such as food and sleep. And then safety, and love or belonging. As we get more satisfied with basics, we start seeking more self esteem, social recognition and eventually the realization of our full potential.

Learning the theory of the 9 Soul Pattern, I noticed this fits the flow of the growth of souls. Due to the traumatic experiences in the past, we all have some psychological scars and emotional triggers. Our first mission is to heal ourselves. If you have any anger or sadness that causes significant troubles in your life, you should work on it first. This makes you neutral. You are now at the point Zero. Next is to nurture you and make yourself stronger. As you get stronger, you start feeling like giving more to others. Naturally you realize you need to share for the higher level of happiness.

Wealth Spectrum

Roger Hamilton, the found of Wealth Dynamics says there are 9 levels of the life that fits into 3 categories, the Foundation prism, Enterprise prism and Alchemy prism. The first 3 levels belong to the Foundation Prism: Victim which is the lowest level, Survivor and worker.

Next 3 in Enterprise prism are: Player, Performer and Conductor. Above them, the 3 comes in Alchemy prism; Trustee, Composer and the highest of all, Legend.

These 9 levels go with the healing, building and giving flow as well.

The 6 Path of Buddhism

The 6 Paths of Buddhism shows the similar flow. In the Hell, Beast or Hungry Ghost path, you constantly deal with torturing, hunger and life-threatening conditions. Once you pass it, you are on the Violence or Heaven path.

The violence path is a very competitive world. You win or lose. To win, you train yourself and become more powerful. The Heaven path is the other end. There is no suffering, no problems. You become just content. It seems like there is no problem with it, but if you are 100% satisfied, you also stop growing.

That’s why, the only path that can directly move on to the deliverance is the Human path.

In other word, Human is the only way to reach the full potential.

Which stage are you in?

If you are in the healing to building stage, you feel you are energy broke or just above. If you are coming to the building to giving stage, you are comfortable enough to run your energy circle but in a small scale. As you grow more, your circle gets bigger.

Your Nature

As mentioned in the beginning, the right thing for you depends on the current stage which changes over time, and your nature which doesn’t change. So, if you know your nature, you practically know who you are.

However what you currently see as you is not necessarily your nature.

The current you is the most likely the hybrid of your nature and the experiences in the past. You have been learning from the culture and people you have been exposed to. The common sense and self mage are often created by someone else’s opinions such as parents, teachers and media. Your habit comes with it. It’s what everyone around you is doing, it is easy for you and the environment allows you to continue it. It’s not who you are but more the learned behavior patterns.

What you are now is not what you truly are. You should look who you really are without been fooled by what you have been learned over time. After you find your nature, practice as you really are. This really means to be yourself.

The 9 Soul Pattern helps you define your nature with fresh eyes. With a simple method, you find your mission, strengths, challenges, and so on. Find your Soul Pattern and tune your life to reach your full potential.

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