9-Soul-Pattern Principle Fundamental: Energy 2

In the previous post, we talked about the basic energy circulation. The energy should come in as it goes, keeping a healthy balance just like your bank account. Otherwise you are going to be energy-broke!

In this post, we are going to talk a bit more about the income part.

The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get poorer

There is a well-known saying “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”.

Unfortunately it is true in the energy world as well. If your energy income is small to begin with, carrying the day-to-day life takes all your energy up. Your life never gets easier despite your hard work. You may start feeling you are unfortunate.

But if you are initially energy-rich, you have a better chance to create a good energy flow. You may feel you are lucky or fortunate. The energy you are offering works like a good investment, bringing a good return to you.

Your Energy Level

Having said that, there is a quick way to check your current energy level.

If you often feel you are blessed and fortunate, your energy level is likely high. Those who don’t have much of energy tend to see themselves as an unfortunate victim.

Another factor that affects i is your competitiveness.

Nobody likes to be a loser. The wish to win brings you up to a certain level, but you won’t be able to go farther. We will talk about this more in the next video, but for now just remember those who have Win-Win mindset has more potential to go to the next level than the ones obsessed by winning or losing.

Anyhow, the point is to have more energy to begin with. If you have more to invest, you gain more.

That’s why you had better improve your energy level.

Increase Your Energy

To increase your energy, there are 2 steps. Step 1, stop wasting it. Step 2, build it up.

It’s like water. If the hose or pipe is leaking, you waste your water. If there is a hole in a bucket, the water you are holding will be gone faster. Even a little drip accumulates. So, mend the holes and cracks first. And then add more in your bucket.

Things that drains your energy

You want to avoid Energy Vampires, wide and shallow socializing, harmful chemicals and substances, hyper tension, self-centered attitude, etc. And you stay close to high-energy people, have the quality time with people important to you, take care of yourself, stay calm, cultivate the appreciation, and so on.

An ‘Energy Vampire’ is the person who drains your energy. They often make you feel guilty, sorry, or worthless in conjunction with what they want. Sometimes they are very nice to you, but for return. The conditional love is their favorite tool. If you feel you are used by someone, you feel exhausted after you deal with them, typically they are an energy vampire for you.

Another energy sucker is extensive socializing.

It is the necessity for us human being to socialize and associate with others because we are social animal, but today’s information age with all technology, we have overwhelming interaction with others in a daily basis. How many people are you exchanging a text message every day? How about e-mail? Facebook notification? Many people feel exhausted just to deal with SNS these days. If you feel that way, too, you may want to consider restructuring your social activities.

Toxic substances such as pesticide and food additives harm your health. Healthy body is the foundation of the healthy energy. Not only food but also pay attention on household items such as soap, toothpaste, lotion, food containers, house cleaning products, etc.

But here is one tip – you shouldn’t be obsessed with health. If your life becomes quite limited due to the extreme practice of the so-called healthy lifestyle, it can work against the purpose. No need to go crazy but trying to be a bit more conscious about your life helps you increase your energy.

Next is hyper tension. It’s nice to celebrate your achievement but don’t be overjoyed. When something good happen to you, it certainly lifts your spirit, but over celebration uses up the energy you just gained and more. Commonly winning a lottery makes people more miserable after all. Watch out your hyper tension when something wonderful happens to you.

Complacency wastes your energy as well. It is important to recognize your ability and achievement objectively, but when you admire yourself subjectively and unrealistically, you are blind to the outer world. Just like hyper tension, it may make you feel good for a moment but in a long-run it holds back your growth.

When you avoid what takes energy away from you and focus on what gives you good energy, your energy bank account balance naturally increases. You will start feeling much better.

The Quality of Life

To improve your quality of life, you should increase your energy first.

To increase your energy, you reduce the negative factors and increase the positive factors.

To make this improvement, you will need to choose the right place, right people and right action.

But what is the right action?

In the next video, we will think how to define the right action to you.

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