9-Soul-Pattern Principle Fundamental: Energy 1

What is “Energy”?

The “Energy” we talk about here is ‘Invisible’.

The Energy is something you can exchange with anything. It’s exchangeable with all sorts of things.

And everyone can access the Energy.

In Japan, the world we live, the environment we can recognize with our 5 senses is called ‘This World’. And the other, invisible world, where not our body but only soul can go, like when we die, is called ‘That World’.

I put it this way – This World is the world of phenomena. That World is beyond our 3-dimensional perspective, pooling the energy, and often some aspect of it is described like spiritual, higher-self, subconscious, super-conscious, and so on.

Now, imagine a human being exists in between. You are the medium connecting This world and That world. The Energy in That World comes through you and materializes in This World.

Think about how a new life starts. Life is a form of the Energy. The Energy kicks the heart pump of the embryo in and it becomes an individual living creature, separate from its mother.

Getting more energy in the format of nutrition, support and care, the baby grows. And it goes through various experiences in This World.


As a general rule, the energy flows and circulates.

For example, money is a transformed energy. It is exchangeable to something else. You give, or pay, money to someone, and you get product or service in exchange. This is a simple format of energy circulation.

With this simple exchange, actually you get more than just product or service. With the product or service, you may gain some knowledge and skills. Those are the secondary values you get from the action to give the money to someone. Or you may improve your health. It may affect on your attitude and as the result, people may start appreciating your patience and kindness. Your income may increase because of the all good changes.

Those are the examples of a positive circulation.

On the other hand, it can go wrong, too.

If you spend your money to take things from people, some people may become jealous of you. Someone may betray you. It may make you feel lonely or empty after all.

This is a negative circulation.

What if not only money but everything is actually circulating in one way or another? And not only in the world you can see and touch but in the much larger scale of the world?

You probably know the word Karma. In a dictionary, it is said that, in Hinduism and Buddhism, Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. 

If you think everything is circulating, it starts making sense, doesn’t it? The event you are encountering now is the return or result of something you did previously, possibly in the past life, and what you are doing now will affect your future, maybe in the next life if not this one.

In other words, depending on what kind of action you take now, your future is going to be different. If you make a right decision, you can make the future better.

Anyway, you don’t need to worry about the past life or next life here. Let’s go back to the circulation of This World.

Even though we can’t see our energy level, we feel it. You have energy, and you use it. If you use it, your energy level goes down.

When you use your money, the balance of your bank account goes down, right? Same thing. As you spend, your saving decreases.

And if you just keep spending, eventually you run out of energy and you are going to be in a trouble. So you always need to have enough to match you spending, and your life becomes more stable.

In this post, we talked about what energy was.

  • Energy is invisible, exchangeable and accessible.
  • Energy circulates both in a positive way and negative way.
  • It is like the bank account. The balance of incoming and outgoing is important.

In the next post, we’ll talk about how to create the healthy circulation of your energy.

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