Attention Please!


As my daughter started middle school last September, our routine has changed a bit.


While her 8 years old brother takes the bus before 8:00am, she doesn’t until almost 9:00am.

When the boy and girl took the same bus, I put both into the bed at the same time. Now she takes a later bus, I don’t push her too much. After all, she is a preteen. It’s the time for her to start being more responsible for her own lifestyle.


Both of them have been raised under the philosophy that everything is our own choice. Your specific action is followed by the specific result. So, if you want or don’t want a specific result, choose the right action now!

Anyway, the 12 years old knows when she needs to move, and she is pretty good at it.


So I tack the boy in first, and then go into my own work.

I used to tack the both children in bed at the same time, but now I often forget to tack the girl in. When I finally realize it’s about midnight, of course the girl is already soundly sleeping.


But I was a bit more aware last night. When I realized the light in her bedroom was out, it was still not so late. From curiosity, I went to check her room.


I whispered ‘Are you sleeping?’ in the dark.

‘Yes’ she whispered back, and we giggled each other.

I kissed her and said good night.


She is not an obvious needy person. Rather people think she is quite matured.

But I know she likes her mother comes check her. She enjoys being cared about.


Even though someone is quiet and capable, it probably means a lot if you show a bit of attention. It can be complement, appreciation or even just acknowledge what he or she is doing.

We all enjoy recognition. You are not talking to a wall. Someone is watching how hard you are working.

So, attention please. Show your feeling once in a while to someone you care about and admire.