What Is Quality Food?

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Healthy Eating Related Terms

These are the examples of terms you will hear when you start learning about healthy eating.

Some diets/methods are complex (e.g. vegetarian/vegan not always but often involves ethical or religious reasons as well) but we keep it simple here in order to get the general idea.

You see there are various approaches toward so-called ‘healthy eating’. Study farther yourself if any of them interests you.


quality food

Dietetic (diet)- Vegetarian/Vegan
- Raw food
- Gluten free
- Low fat
- Low carb
- Ketogenic
- Detox
- Gut health / Digestive health
- Non GMO
- Organic
Agricultural (methods)
- Organic
- Permaculture
Ethical / Cultural / Spiritual- Slow food
- Food miles
- Fair trade
Religious - Halal (Islam)
- Kosher (Jewish)


Quality FoodTrue Quality Food

We understand people recommend different foods with different reasons. Then, what is really quality food? We think the true quality food is ‘happy food’.

Many suggestions about healthy eating come only from one or two perspectives out of the three essentials for our happiness – physical and practical needs, sensuous and emotional needs and ethical and spiritual needs.

The food that completes all our needs will make you happy (at least happier). Importantly, the value is relative and personal. It depends on the season, the area, gender, age and other unique conditions of an individual. For example, organic bananas grown in the Philippines may be quality food locally, while the same bananas become eco-unfriendly and less nutritious once they are imported into Canada. Organic peanuts can be gold for some but life threatening for those who have an allergy.


>> What can I do?

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