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product grey fine sea salt Our distribution system is based on group buying concept. To begin with, many products are not available in certain areas like Digby. Commonly people order such things in. Generally a better deal comes with a large volume of purchase. By putting orders together, members of the group get the benefit. This is the concept of group buying. However, the challenge is to coordinate multiple persons, especially for everyone’s convenience.   So we came up with this idea: widely coordinate local people using internet and make a large order directly to suppliers.


Group Buying Benefits  Group Buying Challenges Our Solution
Choices: you can choose from a large list of items. Unknown items: each new product trial is a gamble. We have the information including users’ feedback.
Cost: likely more reasonable. Either pay for shipping or require a large volume. Our price is set to be lower than you pay the item + shipping.
Convenience – delivery: directly to your home or your neighborhood. You need to sort out items for group members and coordinate them for pickup. We accept your item on behalf of you in your neighborhood.
Convenience – payment: likely you can create an account and pay electronically or mail a cheque. You need to calculate the individual portion and collect money from the group members. We do all calculation. You see the price on the list and that is it. One price, no hidden fee.


At this moment  our sales are scheduled 4 times a year. Usually it takes 2 to 4 weeks from submitting the order to get the products.

Once the shipment is in, you will be notified regarding product pickup (Lighthouse Rd, Digby).   product organic spelt flourWe can order in any of Speerville Flour Mill’s products even if you don’t see it on our product list.

Please contact us if you are looking for a particular item. We would like to know what is needed. The more requests we get from you, the more it becomes possible to bring them into Digby. We may or may not be able to provide what you wish immediately, but your information helps us make more improvement in the future.   Please help us to serve you better!


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Other Services


  • We host healthy and fun cooking workshops.
  • We will come to your place to demonstrate Miso soup cooking, product sampling, etc. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a unique workshop.


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