Makes 12 Mochi cakes

Mochi is Japanese rice cake. It is chewy and sticky. Traditionally made of steamed sweet rice pounded and mushed in a large wooden mortal.

Here we use Mochiko (sweet rice flour). You can simply cook the dough and serve, but adding the pounding process enhance the smooth texture and taste.




1lb/450g     Mochiko (sweet rice flour)

1 1/3 cup     water

*1cup = 250ml



1       medium mixing bowl

1        2 quart microwavable container with lid

Parchment paper

Wooden spoon

Rolling pin


mochi 1

1. mix Mochiko and water well

mochi 2

2. line a microwavable container with a piece of parchment paper and set the dough, cover and microwave for 5 minutes

mochi 3

cooked dough

mochi 7

3. fold the dough, cover with parchment paper and pound with rolling pin, repeat folding and pounding for several times

mochi 5mochi 6

4. put the dough back into the container with parchment paper, microwave for 3 more minutes until it is thoroughly cooked (it gets stickier and somewhat translucent)

mochi 8

repeat fold-and-pound using wet wooden spoon and/or hand as needed (don’t be afraid of applying a lot of water)

mochi 10

5. when the dough becomes nice and smooth, devide dough into 12 balls and shape each

mochi 11mochi 12

6. serve warm with preferred sauce and garnish (photo:  soy sauce and green onion)

mochi 13


– Mix chopped vegetables, herbs and/or cooked beans with a pinch of salt into dough prior to microwaving

– Sweeten the dough and eat as dessert dumpling

– Pan fry finished cakes

– Add cakes in soup



Place shaped Mochi on a cooking sheet lined with parchment paper. Once Mochi cools it becomes much easier to handle.

You can freeze on the cooking sheet. After it gets frozen put in a freezer bag and store. To reheat you can microwave, pan fry, toast in a toaster oven or cook in liquid.

CHOKING HAZARD – Warm Mochi is very sticky. Please take a small bite and chew very well. Supervise children if you serve them.







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