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miso makingThe founder, coordinator and workshop instructor Yuki Inoue was born and raised in Japan. She grew up with many fermented foods such as Miso, soy sauce and various marinaded vegetables. Rediscovering the value of traditional Japanese food, she started making her own food such as marinaded vegetables and Natto (a type of fermented soy bean) after she came to Canada.

When she moved from Calgary to a town of Digby, Nova Scotia, she found some of the conveniences of a city lacking here. The situation forced her to find creative solutions to meet hers and her family’s wants and needs. Through this experience she realized an ordinary person has the power to make things happen. She established Ordinary Family Food & Life Ltd. in 2013 to share the opportunity with people to achieve quality food and life.


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Our Philosophy

  • Happy-or-not is the criteria. Not good-or-bad.
  • You have the right, power and responsibility to choose your way of life.
  • Treat everyone as if they were your own family with love, honesty, fairness and patience.
  • Be yourself and let others be themselves.
  • Think about why and for what before how.
  • Learn and grow together.




177 Lighthouse Road,  Digby
Nova Scotia,  Canada  B0V 1A0
Email: info@ordinaryfamilyfoodlife.ca
Phone: (902)247-9017
Office hour: Mon-Fri  9:00am – 4:00pm



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