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Miso Workshop in Spring 2016

April 28, 2016

Our annual event Miso Making workshop in spring finished last Saturday. Thank you for the participants!   Taste several different type of Miso. The ingredients, the ratio of ingredients, the salt content, the length of maturity, etc affect on the taste of Miso. Just like wine or any other foods, you taste and find your…Read more >

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Our life can change just by meeting a person. Isn’t it true?   I have met amazing people since I moved to Digby, NS Canada. Actually I met wonderful people in Calgary before I came here. And I met great people when I was in Osaka, Japan. And I met special people in my hometown…Read more >

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Big Kids Small Kids

April 13, 2016

  I volunteer at my children’s elementary school. It is fun to deal with kids. And I learn a lot about leadership.         When you study business, you learn ‘3 NO’s’ of people.   NO listening, NO trusting and NO moving. People don’t listen to you. Even though they listen to you, they don’t…Read more >

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