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Power Struggle and Guilty Conscious 2

October 31, 2014

  This is following the previous post about well behaving but manipulating children.   Generally their parents don’t let the kids go on very long due to the shortage of time and/or patience. They listen to the child first of all. They cuddle and comfort her. They try to sooth her but she is still…Read more >

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Power Struggle and Guilty Conscious 1

October 25, 2014

  I have seen some busy ‘super women’ who are smart, kind, very capable at work and do most if not all housework and child care. Their husbands are social, nice and, to me, look quite helpful. And their children are smart, well behaving yet manipulating.   I enjoy having kids around. I have been…Read more >

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A Bad Guy

October 17, 2014

  My seven years old son told me that the bad guy in a movie was very strong. I replied him, ‘He is strong, and that’s why he is a bad guy. If he is not strong, he doesn’t bother anyone too much and nobody recognizes him as a bad guy.’   Kids often talk…Read more >

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Perfect Prescription

October 9, 2014

  We have a type two diabetic patient in the family. He was diagnosed with it about a year and half ago. Diabetes is a controllable disease. Our body naturally has the ability to maintain the blood glucose level within a certain range. But with many reasons this function deteriorates and as the result the glucose…Read more >

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Get Into the Swing

October 3, 2014

  It is fall. On the road in southwest Nova Scotia you see local farmers’ signs of apples, potatoes and squash for bulk sale. Canning jars are displayed on the conspicuous spots at stores, often with sugar and vinegar right beside them. Traditionally this is the harvesting and processing time.   In the olden days…Read more >

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