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Gravity Point

September 28, 2014

  Our dinner plate has the picture of plum blossoms. My husband and I place the plate differently.   He teases me saying Japanese are weird.   We Japanese prefer asymmetry compared with Western tradition symmetry. For instance, the elements are commonly placed asymmetrically in a Japanese garden.       My former boss, a…Read more >

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A Dramatic Life

September 23, 2014

  My only regular e-mail magazine is about the self awareness and conscious through the sexuality. The author was raped in age 15 and went through various physical and mental health problems and unsuccessful relationships including a divorce. One of her mentors had a severe car accident when he was 16 years old. 49% of…Read more >

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When You Are In Pain

September 17, 2014

  I thought she was interested in getting together. She didn’t have a vehicle, so I occasionally offered a ride to go shopping or visit somewhere. Every time she had something to do and couldn’t make it. She sounded really sorry for missing the opportunity so I kept inviting her whenever something that I thought…Read more >

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Spice It Up

September 13, 2014

  The Kimuchi making workshop went very well.     Due to the cancellation there is only one participant (many thanks for Ms. M!!!), but we had a great time together. I have discovered she is quite an adventurous cook/eater and loves spicy food. I had samples, one was mild and the other quite spicy. And guess what,…Read more >

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Let Him Be

September 10, 2014

  The light bulb came on when I learned about honey bees. As we all know, there is a queen bee. The all working bees are female. There are small numbers of male bees, large but not capable to do anything other than eat and sleep. When the time comes, they swarm with the queen…Read more >

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How Much Is Enough?

September 7, 2014

  When kids and I moved from Calgary to Digby, we carried minimum things with us for survival until the big moving truck arrived a few weeks later (and my husband a month after). In three suit cases and three boxes, we packed our camping items such as sleeping bags, a few portable mattresses, pots,…Read more >

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Make Time

September 1, 2014

  A friend of mine gave me a big bunch of flowers from her garden. I put them in vases and we enjoyed them for several days. Eventually many of them welted so I cleaned them up. I salvaged the flowers still in a good shape, added some from the back yard and made 2…Read more >

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