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The Moment To Be Proud Of My Home

August 26, 2014

  I have been volunteering at an organic farm. I deliver their CSA baskets to a pickup station once a week. I drop off the full baskets and pickup empty ones in exchange. One day, I found a bundle of plastic clamshell containers and a bunch of rubber bands in a basket. They were clean,…Read more >

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“The Right One” For Success

August 18, 2014

  My very first Miso making workshop was very… quiet. I didn’t get any participant. Zero. Nevertheless, at that day I carried everything as I planned to see how it would go. Embarrassing to say but things didn’t go as I thought at all. I ran out of time to cover all contents. It was a valuable…Read more >

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Why I am Paid

August 14, 2014

  Say you have an old cottage and want a contractor to fix it up. Your budget is $20,000 but can be stretched to $30,000. You find 3 candidates. They all have cons and pros.   The contractor #1 lives near the cottage. You saw him working on his own house and started talking with…Read more >

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August 6, 2014

Chew 30 to 100 times of your food per bite – how easy is it for you?   I have tried many times in my life to make it my habit but no success so far. I am a fast eater to begin with. Raising children as a working mother didn’t help me change my…Read more >

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How Wonderful A Life Is

August 3, 2014

I went to Japan to visit my family and friends this summer. This was the first time I experienced the summer in Japan in almost 20 years. I had forgotten the heat and humidity. I made a decent quality time with my own family and heritage. My parents and relatives are getting older just like…Read more >

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